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Choosing the right professional data recovery company is possibly the most important decision you will make when you have lost data, whatever the reason: virus, formatted, disc damaged, archives deleted, sabotage, fire, flood, mechanical damage, blocked system, partitioning; if there is damage on the surface of the platters , power peaks and failures, knocks and bangs... “It's very important never to leave data in unqualified engineering hands, as data recovery requires years of experience, leading edge recovery equipment and above all a deep understanding of the problem and solution.

The recovery of stored data can be done from any type of storage device, or operating system. Our R&D department can recover data from most operating systems, including unusual or obsolete systems. Never leave data in unqualified engineering hands, as data recovery requires years of experience.

For situations involving true hard drive failure we offer a free diagnostic analysis service to ascertain what is wrong with your storage media within a couple of days . Diagnosing the problem involves a team approach bringing together the multi-faceted talents of our various engineers , who can apply their experience and knowledge to the problem. As a word of warning we would advise you not to trust supposed professionals, that way you will simply find that they speculate with the value of your information. Meticulous analysis in our laboratories enables us to keep our prices very tight.

HEALTH WARNING: - We advise clients not to trust companies who do not have extensive Blue Chip client base references, coupled with many years of experience. Many drives end up in our laboratory for recovery after being unnecessarily damaged by recovery companies run by amateurs and enticed by a low prices and exorbitant claims.